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Company Profile

SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is theoperation base of the internationally active pharmaceutical ingredientmanufacturer, ScinoPharm Taiwan, in China and it mainly focuses on thedevelopment and manufacturing of high-active pharmaceutical ingredients forinjection. It has a research and development center in the plant, and it passedthe factory inspection audit of the United States Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in 2015 and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) authorizedby Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2018, which provides strongsupport for SciAnda to expand global services.


SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is locatedin the Changshu economic development zone of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China, occupying 100 mu. In addition to responding to the market needs for theservice of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, SciAnda has alsovertically integrated the supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients fromupstream key intermediates to drug substance finished products. It not onlyprovides cost-effective products, but also makes product development optionsmore diversified. The product portfolio can be expanded to products in largedemands in the future. Through the established global marketing pipeline, thebusiness growth can be accelerated and a new page of SciAnda’s global marketlayout can be initiated.


In combination with the research and developmentresults over many years and the extensive experience in the development of theEuropean and American international markets of ScinoPharm Taiwan, SciAnda(Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. can provide support to clinical trials, handleGMP audit or registration documents queries from foreign health authoritiessuch as the U.S. FDA, and provide professional outsourcing services andtechnical support required by international pharmaceutical companies nearby.


SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. has theplant, production equipment and quality management system in compliance withinternational CGMP and the Guiding Principles of the International Conferenceon Harmonization (ICH), stipulations in Sections 210 and 211 of the Code ofFederal Regulations (21 CFR) issued by the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA), and the 2010 Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs issued by ChinaNational Medical Products Administration (NMPA). In combination withprofessional management and extensive international experience of the team, itcan provide high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates indomestic and foreign markets, as well as comprehensive research and developmentand manufacturing outsourcing services.


Whether it is an international pharmaceuticalcompany seeking high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers todevelop China’s market together, or a Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturerlooking for active pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers registered in theEuropean and American Drug Master File (DMF) in order to enter theinternational market, SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is an idealpartner of your?cooperation.

  • Company established time

    In 2009.

  • Number of employees

    1000 people

  • Warehouse scale

    66666 M2

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  • ProName:Decitabine
  • CAS:2353-33-5
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ProName: Decitabine

CAS: 2353-33-5