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We have the the world's largest product library with nearly one million CAS numbers. And with our strong promotion effect, over 500,000 product pages are listed on Google homepage. Besides, there are 20,000 high quality purchases per month with 16,000 from Europe.


To better serve all our customers is the top priority of LookChem.

For buyers:

1.Posting buying leads or customer synthesis service.

2.Looking for chemicals from suppliers around the world.

3.Searching for chemical information from our database.

4.Enabling our suppliers to contact buyers as soon as they get the inquiries and leading matches.

For sellers:

1.Posting 10 selling leads free for each registered member.

2.Offering paid service for Premium member.

3.Posting chemicals for customer synthesis service as paid member.

4.Providing audit service to make sure all the leads information posted be in accordance with that on seller's own website or Chemical Abstracts Service.

5.LookChem provides to creat a new website with unique domain name if the seller does not have one.

6.Staying connected with our high quality worldwide buyers.

7.Searching for chemical data from our professional database.

8.Prioritizing the ranking for all selling leads in the search results.

9.Instantly refreshing selling leads to enable buyers to find suppliers easier.

Member Levels & Service Tel:86-571-87562588,87562561,87562573

Service Gold List Basic Member
Personalized Global Shop Authentication for Supplier
Main Products Display
Indroduction for Company
Enterprise Qualification Certificate
Enterprise Images Display
International Information of Exhibition Provided
Online Contact Info Display
Marketing Website with Dedicated IP
Exposure Rate 10000 times/M
Independent IP Access 500 times/M
Browsering and Posting Trade Leads Posting Selling Leads No limits No limits
Post Buying Leads
TOP Products(Rank4-20) 30 items
Main Products 30 items 30 items
Page Rankings prior more prior
Purchasing Matching prior more prior
Access to Viewing Inquiries in Inbox
Access to Viewing Procurements in Buy Offers
Big Data Function Ranking List of Hot Kyewords No limits No limits
Ranking List of Purchasing Requirements
Data Steward
Statistical Data of Inquiry and Quote
Filtering and Examining for Black List
Access to Consult Customs Data of buyers 200 items/Year 100 items/Year
Transaction Function Access to Reply Inquiry and Quote
Escrow Service
Management of Subaccount
Premium Services On-line Training
Offline Exhibition Promotion at Home and Abroad
Charge for One Year RMB26800 RMB13600

Note: These prices are tax included. Please consult our customer service representative to know more details!

服务项目 金榜题名 白金会员
个性化全球商铺 诚信供应商认证
曝光量 1万次/月
独立ip访问 500次/月
供求信息浏览和发布 供应信息发布 无限量 无限量
TOP产品排名4-20位 30条
Main Product产品标识 30条 30条
产品搜索优先排序 优先 较优先
采购匹配优先排序 优先 较优先
Buy Offers采购信息浏览
大数据功能 热门关键词排行榜
Black list筛选审核
海关买家数据查询 200条/年 100条/年
交易功能 询报价回复
增值服务功能 在线直播培训
收费 一年 26800元 13600元


Hangzhou Headquarters

Customer service machine

+86-571-87562588 / 87562561


Fax :


Hangzhou Office

Suite# 80G, No. 1 Building, Guodu

Development Mansion, No. 182

Chaohui Road, Hangzhou China.

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