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Company Profile

  • SHENZHEN SIYOMICRO BIO-TECH?CO., LTD?was co-founded by a young doctoral team from?the?Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The core members have?direct/indirect experience in serving well-known/ national projects.
  • SIYOMICRO focuses on the development and application of microbial enzymes and small?molecular substances in extreme environment. Through cooperation with the Institute?of?Microbiology,?Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has?established the only commercial genome?database and entity database of extreme environmental?microorganisms?in China.
  • Our mission is?to become a leading global?research and development enterprise of enzymes and bioactive small molecule products.? Enzymes and other biological products produced by the company are widely used in gene?detection, in vitro diagnosis, health products, cosmetology, medicine, food, beverage, animal?nutrition and other fields.?With our outstanding innovative ability, we constantly launch a series of products and?technical solutions to meet the growing demand for a better life. Our vision is to contribute?a better?life with biotechnology.
  • Company established time

    In 2015.

  • Number of employees

    52 people

  • Warehouse scale

    1000 M2

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Spot products

  • ProName:Superoxide dismutase
  • CAS:9054-89-1
  • Purity:98%
  • PackAge:square hdpe bottle
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Products developed

ProName: Superoxide dismutase

CAS: 9054-89-1



  • ISO9001

  • SOD Attestation COSMOS