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Ammonium formate(CAS:540-69-2)

  • ProNameAmmonium formate
  • CAS540-69-2
  • Purity98
  • PackAge25kg / bags
  • Capacity60T /month
  • Price $4713/ton
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Product Details

Ammonium formate is a compound with molecular formula of nh4hco2 and molecular weight of 63.06. It is colorless, crystalline, easily deliquescent, soluble in water and ethanol, and its aqueous solution is acidic.

Used in electrolysis and capacitor industry.  


Chinese name

Ammonium formate

Foreign name

Ammonium formate

Other names

Ammonium formate, ammonium formic acid

chemical formula


molecular weight


CAS login number


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Melting point

116 ℃

Water solubility


External view

Colorless crystal or granular powder, easy to deliquescence.

Hazard symbol


Relative density (water = 1)

one point two seven

physical property

Physicochemical properties of ammonium formate

Melting point: 115-120 ℃

Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol and ammonia.

Acidity and alkalinity: its aqueous solution is weakly acidic because ammonium ions undergo weak hydrolysis.


chemical property

It decomposes when catalyzed by phosphorus pentoxide at 180 ℃. Hydrogen cyanide gas and water are produced. Phosphorus pentoxide is a dehydrating agent and catalyst.

Hcoonh4 (P2O5 Catalysis) = 2H2O + HCN

Ammonium formate can be used as a reducing agent to reduce unsaturated bonds